Effective logo is never an end in itself. It should always represent something or someone, as well as communicate a message on a symbolic level. Essentially, Bedene’s logo presents him as a tennis player (tennis ball and A, B-initials).

krivulja2črka A črka B

The logo designer Petra Benedik says that the symbols used can be interpreted in various ways, however she wishes to emphasize her interpretation of the following logo features:

The line, depicting an ascending bird, symbolizes a young, talented athlete threading his way towards the top. Closely related to this symbol is also an infinity sign, stressing an unlimited potential and the numerous opportunities being possible for this brilliant tennis player. The story on a symbolic level ends with a V-letter, which one can recognize between the A and B initials, and symbolizes Bedene’s Victorious spirit


The logo presents Aljaž Bedene as an athlete and as a person – just like Bedene, his logo is clear, dynamic, but at the same time calm, connected, flexible, sporty, elegant, and – last but not least – one to remember. The logo emphasizes self-confidence, vision and a path to achieving the master goal – an ultimate victory!

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